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Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU)

Amalgamated Transport and General Worker′s union (ATGWU) is an autonomous and democratic voluntary organisation formed, owned, funded and run by workers in accordance with its constitution.

Vision: To be the most effective, efficient, reputable and self sustaining labour union with a united membership advocating for rights at work.

Mission: To organize and educate workers; recruit and retain members and carry out advocacy through comprehensive systems, policies, procedures in the promotion and protection of rights at work.

Values: ATGWU cherishes the values of Democracy, Unity, Voluntarism, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity; Independence and Honesty

Background: ATGWU is a dynamic labour union that traces its genetic roots from Uganda Motor Drivers Association, formed in1938 by Ignatius K. Musaazi and James Kivu as the first labour organisation in the country. It was re-registered in 1974 as TU 7 under the Trade Union Act of 1970 as Amalgamated Transport and General Workers’ Union after merging with other unions.

Scope/Jurisdiction: ATGWU organises and represents workers in companies operating in the industries: -

  • Road Transport Industry
  • Civil Aviation Industry
  • Logistics, Integrators and Delivery Service Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals  and Chemical Industries
  • Private Security Industry
  • Property Service Industry and
  • General Workers in Support Services.

Aims and Objectives
ATGWU aims at effectively organising workers in the above industries into a strong and well-informed labour union that is capable of facing the growing challenges in the world of employment. Chief among the Union’s objectives are:

  • Promoting and protecting workers’ human and trade union rights
  • Negotiating and maintaining sound terms and conditions of employment for its members
  • Establishing and maintaining mutual respect and trust between workers and employers
  • Providing guidance and support to members on labour related matters
  • Developing institutional capacity through information, education and training
  • Effective handling of members’ grievances and resolution of disputes at workplaces
  • Networking with other labour unions and organisations in the pursuance of workers’ rights
  • Empowering members to actively participate in labour union activities.


  • Membership of the union is open to all workers within the mentioned industries. An eligible worker can join ATGWU by signing a membership declaration form.
  • Every member has the right to fully enjoy and benefit from the services of the union without discrimination, and to participate fully in the business and activities of the Union, including providing leadership at any level.
  • Every member is obliged to respect and uphold the union constitution and to strengthen and protect the Union
  • ATGWU has a paid up membership of over 3200 members and a potential membership of over 150,000 members. 

Organisational Setup
a. Shops
In each company, members elect representatives (Shopstewards) according to the sections in the company and/or the membership strength. The elected shop stewards then form a Shop stewards Council, headed by a Chief Shop Steward.

b. Secretariat
The Secretariat is delegated by NEC to carry out the day to day running of the Union’s affairs. The General Secretary, who is the chief spokesperson of the Union, heads the Secretariat.

c. National Executive Council (NEC)
The supervision of the day-to-day running of the union affairs is vested in the NEC that is appointed every five years by the Delegates Conference. NEC implements the resolutions and directives of the DC.

d. Delegates Conference (DC)
The DC is the organ in which the supreme authority of the Union is vested and sits at least once a year to deicide on matters referred to it by NEC and after five years to elect members of the NEC.

Current Membership Position and Target
ATGWU has put organising as its top priority with the theme “organising the unorganised, the challenge”. It has intensified its organising and recruitment drive with a target of 15,000 members by 2014.  It has also carries out activities in advocating for rights at work as a way of promoting decent work agenda. 

ATGWU is one of the leading labour unions in Uganda in carrying out interventions aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS among its membership and affiliated communities. Other programmes and activities ATGWU focuses on include

  • Education and training
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Youth
  • Workers with disabilities
  • Management information systems
  • Policy development
  • Collective bargaining

ATGWU is affiliated to:

  • The National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU), Uganda with its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda
  • The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. www.itfglobal.org
  • Union Network International (UNI) with its headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland www.uniglobalunion.org
ATGWU location
  • Physical Address:            Plot No. 1066, Sepiriya Muk;asa Road,

                                                    Block 243, Luzira Township,
                                                    Opposite Bishop Cyprian Kihangire Secondary School

  • Postal Address:                P. O. Box 30407 Kampala – Uganda.


  • Telephone:                       +256 414 232 508
  • Fax:                                  +256 414 341 541




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