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What is UCEU? "UCEU are workers”

Uganda Communication Employees Union (UCEU) is a workers’ organization, it is registered as a labour Union No. 8 under the labour Union Act 2006 and the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda, Article 29(1) (i.e.) says “Every Person shall have the right to freedom of Association including the Trade (Labour) Unions” and Act 40(3) to protect a workers economic and social interests.


UCEU Headquarter is located at Old Kampala Hill, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road junction within Dehli Gardens Plot 1
P.O. BOX 1410 Kampala
Telephone No:          +256 - 414 - 256 591           Mobile:          0712-814076             
Email uceu@notu.co.ug

To be a well focused, Viable, Effective and strong member based Union.
Being a leading trade union organization in the communication sector.


  1. Respect, commitment and unity.
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Professionalism and ethical behavior.
  4. Member satisfaction.
  5. Leadership integrity

To pursue, promote and maintain workers’ rights, improved working terms and conditions of employment with motivating remunerations.
To advocate for a safe and healthy working environment that minimizes occupational hazards and to encourage productivity and quality service for effective competitiveness in communication industry.


  • To secure complete association, unity, organization, and mobilization within the union for all employees in the communication sector in Uganda.
  • To act as the normal collective bargaining agency, protect and promote the interests of its members both collectively and individually.
  • To strengthen the organization capacity, credibility and visibility through education among members so as to play their rightful roles of full participation in the running of the union and the enterprises of their employment.
  • To advocate for increased wages, salaries and other benefits, promoting safety and healthy at workplace plus offering legal advice and information on matters affecting employment issues to members.


Under Uganda’s laws, UCEU is the union registered to cover all employees in the communication and information technology sector. This includes all workers in the Telecommunication, postal, information Technology and Data Transmission sub sectors both in the Public and private domains.
To that effect, UCEU is the right Union for every Worker in UTL, MTN, ZAIN, YELLOW PAGES, DHL and other Communication Companies.


In 1950 workers in the East Africa Common services Organization (Uganda Region) formed the Uganda Africa Posts Telegraph Welfare Association to agitate for workers welfare. It comprised both management and workers representative.

At the 10th Annual general meeting held on 28th may, 1961, a new constitution was adopted and the activities of the Association were reviewed. It was resolved to upgrade the Association to a trade union status and the name of the Association was changed to Uganda Posts Telecommunication Employees Union (UPTEU. I t had 725 members out of 2000 work force.

On 11th July 1962, the Asians who hitherto had a separate Association held a joint meeting with the Africans and resolved to amalgamate on 28th July, 1962 to form a strong viable Union.

UPTEU is one of the founder Unions of the National organization of Trade Union (NOTU) in 1973.

Due to Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) which had taken effect in 1980’s in Uganda, restructuring of Uganda Posts and Telecommunication Corporation including the Post Bank started, this resulted into Divesture of the Telecommunication department.

Inevitably, the Union at its quenquinal delegate’s conference in 1997 reviewed its Constitution to accommodate the new developments and the name of the Union was changed to Uganda Communication Employees Union (UCEU)


  1. UCEU enjoys the Independence of housing it self at its Head offices on plot 1 Dehli Gardens at Old Kampala.
  2. In 1997 UCEU secured the formation of a pension scheme for its members to cover Pensionable employees, introduced a defined contributions scheme and the defined benefits Pension (referred to as pay as you go.
  3. In 1997, the Union negotiated with the Government to vest Residential houses of former UP&TC to the Pension scheme and allowed the sitting tenants the first option of refusal which was an additional concession to members’ benefits.
  4. 2009, UCEU signed a collective bargaining Agreement of   benefits for the retrenchees of Posta Uganda.
  5. 2009, UCEU saved 23 Employees of Posta Uganda from being imprisoned on framed up charges


UCEU is administered by the National Executive Committee which is elected democratically at every quequinal delegates’ conference (QDC). It has a Secretariat headed by the General Secretary who is elected by the QDC for 5 years and is the chief executive of the Union. The Union has two directorates – (i) Directorate of Research, Organizing and Education and (ii) Directorate for Occupation safety and Health plus a Secretary, an office attendant and a driver, in total the Union has six full time employees. In addition the Union has two desks, one for Women and another for Youth activities. Similarly each Unionized Company is a branch of the Union with an Executive Committee.

The current Executive Committee is comprised of the following:

The Chairperson                          -   Miss Jane Kajumba
Vice Chairperson
General Secretary                         -   Mr. David Nkojjo
Deputy G/ Secretary (Postal)          -   Mrs Matende Mercy
Deputy G/ Secretary (Telecom)       -   Lugonvu David
Treasurer                                     -   Bulamu Thadeous

Trustees                                       -   Ben Mbyangire

                                                   - Nathan Kaganzya


Brothers and sisters in the World of work I salute you all. Special message goes to workers in the Communication Sector. Uganda Communication Employees Union (UCEU) Strives to bring all workers in this sector together to champion for our rights ‘UNITY IS STRENGTH’.
The introduction of strategic Adjustment Programs (SAPs) in Uganda Witnessed major changes in running of Trade Unions. Restructuring, Downsizing or Staff Squeezing became the order of the day. This resulted in loss of employment hence loss of members for Union. Liberalization of the sector breeds a negative attitude of the players in the market. The lust of maximization of profits prevails over all other aspects of the Communication industry. It is therefore important to mobilize all workers in the sector and persuade them to join the Trade Union Movement so as to have one voice which will foster the rights of the workers including their welfare.
But always remember one value to guard is Unity and Solidarity.

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