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NUEI is a voluntary and democratic workers’ union catering for all non-teaching staff. (Both administrative, technical and support staff) working in any educational institution in Uganda.


To create social dialogue, advocacy and protection of the workers’ rights through collective bargaining for improved terms and conditions of service for all non teaching staff in all educational institutions in Uganda


NUEI is dedicated to the development of the workers’ welfare through an effective organisation for the betterment or improvement of the workers’ conditions of service throughout the country.

NUEI started in 1956 at the then Makerere College as Makerere college employees union later transformed into what was known as Makerere University Employees Union.
In 1973 under reform of the trade unions, the union at Makerere expanded to cover other tertiary institutions and transformed into National union of educational institutions (NUEI), its coverage scope was to represent all non-teaching staff in all educational institutions in Uganda registered under trade union decree as TU4.
The founding members came from mainly high tertiary Institutions.
Makerere University Kampala (MUK), Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK), Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK) today ITEK and UPK  were merged to form Kyambogo University (KYU), the National College of Business Studies (NCBS) today known as Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and  later on were joined by Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST).
NUEI covers the country with membership in tertiary, secondary and primary institutions.  “Join now if you not yet a member”

How to enroll as a member
Upon admission as a member, must sign a declaration form and is enrolled either by check-off system or direct from source collectors’ system in accordance to the recognition agreement with the place of work; government / public institutions, or private institutions.
A 3 % contribution non-refundable  subscription fee (user’s contributions) from the members’ pay (consolidated) is deducted to the union  national account for services.
Members’ receive membership cards at the time of enrollment; it must provide full information regarding one’s employment, the terms, duration of employment and salary / wage. This card should be produced whenever services from the union Head Office are required.

UNION Affiliations
NUEI affiliates to NOTU, PSI and EI, also cooperates with other friendly international organizations willing to share our experiences under the ILO auspices.
The union doors are wide open to cooperate with other centres in exercising the freedom of association provided it does not hamper the union independency and shall contribute to achieving of its vision, mission and objectives.

NUEI derive its funds from the following sources: -

  1. Membership Subscription fees 3 %.
  2. Donations and Assistance from Development Partners.
  3. Levies / Service fees.
  4. Sale of Publications.
  5. Grants.

All Correspondences addressed to: -

The General Secretary
National Union of Educational Institutions (NUEI).
Head Offices 
TEL; 256-41- 286534 / 285817
FAX 256-41- 285817
E Mail: nuei05@yahoo.co.uk

Message from the General Secretary - NUEI

On behalf of the union, I wish to say that the National Union of Educational Institutions (NUEI) has come a long way with a period of over 56years of existence.  It’s a voluntary and democratic workers’ organization catering for all non teaching staff working in education institutions in Uganda.  founded in 1956 as Makerere University Employees Union, later it took a national face in 1975 when the Government of the Republic of Uganda requested the union leadership to incorporate all non teaching staff in all educational institutions in the country and in 1976 under the trade union decree No.20 it was registered as TU4, hence the change of name to National Union of Educational Institutions (N.U.E.I) to reflect the National character of the Union. It covers the country with membership in Universities, Tertiary institutions, Secondary and Primary schools.

National Union of Educational Institutions (N.U.E.I) is registered with Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development as a labor union and has a recognition agreement with the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda.
Currently it has 5472 fully registered members 45 branches country wide and eight (8) regional offices and about 25,000 potential members.  N.U.E.I is affiliated to National Organization of Trade Union (N.O.T.U) Uganda an apex organization of trade unions in the country, Public Service International (P.S.I), Education International (E.I) and Education and Solidarity Network (ESN).

With its vision of creating social dialogue, advocacy and protection of the workers’ rights through collective bargaining for improved terms and conditions of service for all non teaching staff in educational institutions in Uganda, the work we do has continued to make an enormous difference in the lives of many non teaching staff throughout the country.  “Join now if you are not yet a member because it pays to be a member for better conditions of work”

NUEI is grateful for her partners: Education International (EI) and Public Services International (PSI) for their continued financial and moral support in relation to capacity building, sensitization and recruitment. Of course much more needs to be done and I believe we shall surely conquer all the challenges ahead.

As an affiliate union we are also currently involved in most of the transformations taking place at NOTU and have been enjoying moral and financial support from NOTU as well.

I believe that the labour movement and its leaders need to make top contemporary global developments and completely move away from ancient style of banging tables, intrigue, self aggrandizement etc and focus on achieving a better livelihood for the workers.

Solidarity for ever
Musa Okello

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