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Uganda Public Employees Union is a voluntary democratic, representative workers organization established to cater for their interests. It is a union in one struggle working for its members’ development and progress.

UPEU was registered in 1961 as Trade Union No. TU 13 as reflected in General Notice No. 546 of 1975.

A society in which all workers and Social Groups are organized and Represented where there is Democracy, Justice and Prosperity where information is easily communicated and where workers’ interests including terms and conditions of service and working environment are improved through Negotiation and Dialogue.

The union’s vision is to Recruit, Inform, Train, Organize and Democratically represent workers in the public and informal sector and to negotiate for them better terms and conditions service in an acceptable legal framework that allows for the free expression of workers’ Rights.

UPEU organizes workers of utilities i.e. National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Parastatals, Local Government i.e. District Administrations, City, Municipal and Town Councils, e.g. Jinja Municipal Council, Entebbe Municipal Council, Luwero District Administration, Luwero Town Council and Njeru Town Council.


  • To organize all those employed directly or indirectly, within those areas of employment which provide services to the public, whether in the public, private or voluntary sector of the economy.
  • To seek to protect the rights of all members, be treated equally with dignity and respect irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, creed, political ideology or affiliation, and to ensure fair representation for all its members.
  • To improve the pay and terms of service of members in the widest sense and the conditions of members and promote their interest.
  • To defend the jobs of all her members.
  • To protect the rights of those members, to work in safe, healthy and clean working environment and to obtain the best possible salaries and conditions of employment for its members.
  • To undertake research in social, economic, political and technical questions affecting the interest of Union members and to campaign for changes in those Institutions which formulate and implement policies that affect employees so as to give them a greater say in issues that affect them.
  • To build a good reputation for the Union by establishing good relations between members and their employers, to secure the settlement of disputes arising from members’ employment, and to participate in and encourage joint negotiation processes.
  • To represent the Union on Committees, Councils, Boards, negotiation bodies and other advisory and consultative bodies engaged in discussion or negotiations concerning employees and to ensure shared control of and or partnership in decision making in public service and community.
  • To submit to conditions and critically analyse the idea and practice of public service and, to work to achieve equal access to public services for all and to ensure that all stakeholders of public services are treated with dignity and respect and, to conduct all lawful forms of propaganda with all available means.
  • To work with all other interested parties, individuals and organizations to maintain and improve the terms and conditions of service of employees and to liaise with all levels of government, including the legislature to lobby for legislation that is beneficial to the members and the general public.
  • To recruit, organize and to promote, safeguard and improve the interests and status of members and the Union as a whole.
  • To promote and establish a member-led Union and to carry out and fulfill decisions made by members in a spirit of unity, accountability and transparency and to promote fair representations in all the Unions structures for women and members of all grades.
  • To encourage and promote an effective working partnership between members, representatives, officers and all staff in the service of the Union and to promote a spirit of solidarity among sister Trade Unions, Labour Organisations and further promote a spirit of solidarity with the community and to foster appropriate international linkages.
  • To provide minimum guaranteed standards of advice and to give such assistance to the members as provided in the Union Construction and the guidelines and means made there under and to do all such things as are conducive to the attainment of the union’s objectives.

Grassroot membership, shop, Branches, National office, Annual Delegates Conference and Quinquenial Delegates Conference.

Membership is open to all unionisable employees in public sector i.e. Local Authorities including district and urban establishments, parastatals i.e National Water & Sewerage Corporation and informal sector.
Membership is also open to all those engaged in rendering service to the public and those employed by general public authority charitable public companies / corporations or in all government sectors including informal and community sectors plus civilian workers in security organs.
Membership include the following categories as defined by the union constitution:-

  • Full membership
  • Members undertaking fulltime course
  • Retired members
  • Honorary life members
  • Honorary members
  • Employees of the union
  • Informal sector members

UPEU is affiliated to:-

  • National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU)
  • Public Services International (PSI)



Postal Address:
Uganda Public Employees Union
P.O. Box 7060
Kampala (U)
Telephone: 0772 304403


Physical Address:
Plot No.130
Kibuli Road- Central Zone
Opposite Police Training School





Tel. Contact

Namirembe Agatha Arembe

Ag. National Chairperson

256 712 815 380

Jolly Aripa Kirabo

General Secretary

256 772 304 403

Peter Chris Werikhe

D/G/Secretary- Utilities

256 772 406 331

Byale Milton

D/G/Secretary- Local Gov’t  

256 752 692 011

Kapasa Waiswa Sam


256 772 619 019

Siminsa Nawampande

Ag. Org./Educ. Sec

256 717 315 686

Nayepe Amos

Asst. Org/Educ. Sec

256 772 396 390

Kim Agnes Atwooki

Sec. Women

256 772 559 730

Balaba Immaculate

Asst. Sec. Women

256 782 007 837

Adaku Methodius

OSH Sec.

256 782 958 769

Wasyeba Peter

Sec. Youth

256 772 604 169

Masaaba Sam

Committee Member

256 772 471 784

Teddy Abooki

Committee Member

256 712 921 938

Kiregeyta Ahmed


256 782 419 499

Ogiliny Joshua


256 772 694 208


General Secretary Message
To Employers:
On behalf of UPEU National Executive Committee (NEC) and the entire membership I wish to appreciate the cooperation and good industrial relationship that exists between us, enabling both of us, union and employer achieve our objectives through negotiations and dialogue.
The few incidences where things have not worked out well and union has mounted pressure, demanding for improvement of salaries and general welfare of its members (workers), sometimes with a stronger voice, should not deter us from our good intentions to have good industrial relations at work places for high productivity and development of our enterprises.
I commend managements of Enterprises where our union has membership/ branches especially NWSC and also others government establishments e.g. the local government authorities who have cooperated with the union in matters related to employment and workers welfare.

To members
I wish to thank and congratulate the entire membership of the union for the support and the patience exhibited in the process of negotiations between union and employers.
Through pain you have always patiently waited for the outcome from negotiations/dialogue which demonstrates a high sense of maturity and civilization on the part of our members - the union will not and never let you down but will always be committed to serving you and advocating for your rights and promotion of your interests.

To government
Union urges the government to listen to workers voice regarding the plight of a worker; labour ministry should be well facilitated to be able to tackle labour matters.
Government should also ensure enforcement of labour legislations, ratification of ILO conventions and total compliance with all labour standards.
Unions are ready to cooperate and work together with the government towards fulfillment of this noble cause to stimulate economic growth through employment for the good of all workers and development of our country.

Solidarity for ever.


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